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Our dedicated team focuses on delivering superior foot care, offering a range of custom orthotics to ensure your feet receive the best possible treatment.

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We are centrally located in Brampton along major bus routes.  For your ease and convenience, parking free of charge is provided, and we are located on the ground floor.  We are also opened late as well as on weekends.

People attend our clinic in search of solutions for their foot problems.  To meet these needs, we provide a range of orthotic and foot supplies including, orthopedic shoes, compression socks, foot brace, knee brace and back braces.

If you are experiencing foot pain, you do not require a prescription to visit us.  When you attend, our experienced medical professionals will assess and diagnose your foot condition to determine your treatment needs.  For all your foot care, your comfort begins here, contact us today.

Specializing in superior foot care and custom orthotic solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Products

Custom orthotic corrects poor foot mechanics by supporting, aligning and improving foot functions. If you are suffering from foot, knee or back pain, custom orthotics can be designed for your treatment needs.

Orthopedic shoes are effective foot solutions for people experiencing foot pain and or discomfort. This is because they are built for comfort and designed with corrective features to meet treatment needs.

Compression socks are designed to squeeze the legs in order to facilitate better blood circulation in the lower extremities.  It is an effective  treatment for such conditions as varicose veins, venous insufficiency and edema. 

Orthopedic Braces are used for support due to pain, swelling, injury or post-surgery recovery.  They work by restricting movements, decreasing swelling, protecting joints and bones and facilitating healing from injuries or surgery.

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