About Brampton Orthotic and Foot Supplies

Brampton orthotic and Foot Supplies

We are centrally located in Brampton along major bus routes.  For your ease and convenience, parking free of charge, is provided with our ground floor location.  At any time, should parking fee be incurred, simply provide us the receipt for immediate reimbursement.  We are also opened late as well as on weekends.

People attend our clinic in search of solutions for their foot problems.  To meet these needs, we provide a range of orthotic and foot supplies including, orthopedic shoes, compression socks, foot brace, knee brace and back braces.

If you are experiencing foot pain, you do not require a prescription to visit us.  When you attend, our experienced medical professionals will assess and diagnose your foot condition to determine your treatment needs.  For all your foot care, your comfort begins here, contact us today.


Most people are covered through their extended health benefits for orthopedic supplies. It is recommended that patients check their insurance provider to know and understand their coverage before attending for service. Coverage usually extend for a set benefit period as well as for an established percentage.  Knowing these kinds of information will help prepare the patient to make informed decisions when attending for service.  We work with all insurance companies.


Our prices are established within reasonable and customary guidelines in Ontario and are displayed upfront.  Insurance companies have two payment policies; direct payment and reimbursement payment. Direct payment refers to providers being directly paid by the insurance carrier while reimbursement policy means patient must pay up front for their services and then get  reimbursed by their insurance provider. Most insurance companies practice reimbursement policies.