Orthotic Solutions: Your FAQs Answered

Explore our Orthotic Solutions, designed to offer comprehensive insights into choosing the ideal orthotic products tailored to your comfort and support requirements. Discover answers to common queries about foot care, understand the benefits of orthopedic solutions, and find expert tips for selecting the perfect fit. At Brampton Orthotic and Foot Supplies, we prioritize your foot health and satisfaction

How long does it take for orthotics to be made

Custom orthotics are usually made within 10 business days or less.

Do I need a prescription to attend your clinic for orthopedic supplies?

A prescription is not required to attend. Our doctors and foot specialist will assess and make recommendation for care.

Who can write prescription for custom orthotics, orthopedic shoes, compression socks and orthopedic brace?

For orthotics and shoes, podiatrist and chiropodist, nurse practitioners and medical doctors can write prescriptions. A few plans also allows chiropractor to write orthotics prescription, but this is an exception rather then the rule. For compression socks, medical doctors and podiatrist can write prescription. Medical doctors and in some instances, chiropractors can write prescription for orthopedic braces.

What happen if I feel the custom orthotics aren't helping my foot pain?

We encourage you to reach out to us and have a sit down with our doctor to figure out what changes can be made to the orthotic to make it more effective. In some instances, the orthotic may need to be re-casted and re-make. There is no additional cost to adjustments or remake of orthotics.

Do you offer shoes with custom orthotics?

This is a very popular question that patients ask. Unfortunately, shoes are not offered with your orthotics. Some plan do offer shoes along with orthotic. Be sure to enquire with your insurer if you have coverage for both. A combination of orthotics and orthopedic shoes make for excellent foot solution.

Do I have to pay upfront for products and services?

In most instances, yes. However there are exceptions. There are 2 kinds of payment policies. The first is reimbursement policy where patients must pay upfront for their services and then submit their receipts for reimbursement. This is the most common practice. The other method is directly billing. In this case, the insurance company is given permission to pay the provider directly. Not many insurance company allows this policy for orthopedic supplies. Paramedical services such as chiropractor, physiotherapy and massage can be billed directly by your provider for most insurers.

Can I Cancel My Orders Before I Make A Payment?

For some products such as orthopedic shoes, orthopedic brace or compression socks you can. Restocking fee may occur for specialty order that were brought in just for a particular patient. You cannot cancel your order for custom made orthotics after it has already been made.

How long does it take to get my reimbursement from the insurance company?

This depends on the method of submission. If it was uploaded online, the turn around time is usually 24 to 48 hours for most insurance companies. If it was mail, it can take up to 3 weeks before payment is received, though 2 weeks is more typical. Some insurance companies are faster than others.

What do I need to bring for my orthotic appointment?

You should bring your wallet size health insurance card if you have one, or at least know your contract and i.d. number. A security deposit is required before custom made products are made, so ensure that you bring payment for your supplies. If you already have your prescription, you can bring it, but it is not a requirement.

Will you help with the claim submission and documentation?

Yes, we will. There are a number of documents required for successful submission of your claim. We will provide these documents to you so you can upload them or we can mail the claim to your insurance company if you prefer.